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Wound Care Center


Millions of Americans live with chronic wounds as a result of complications from diabetes, circulation disorders, pressure ulcers and injuries. These patients need an experienced team of medical professionals to customize a plan of care for their unique situation.

The staff at the Wound Care Center identifies the causes of these conditions and establishes a plan of care that includes professionals from all scopes of practice. Our team includes physicians and nurses specially trained in the management of chronic wounds. The team then creates an individualized treatment plan using advanced techniques and therapeutic products to heal your wound. Your primary care physician remains an active member of the wound management team.

What You Can Expect

  • An initial appointment will be made with the patient after a physician's order is received or self-referral made.

  • When coming to your first visit, bring your insurance cards, picture ID, a list of all medications, and a list of allergies.

  • The physician and nurse will take a complete medical history including a nutrition and social history.  Photographs will be taken of your wound.  Blood work or X-rays may be ordered.  They will then develop a treatment plan that works for you and your family.

  • If any further care or consults are needed, they will be arranged by the Wound Care Center.

  • Written and verbal discharge instructions will be given to you and your family along with a number to call for any problems.

  • Length of treatment averages 30-60 minutes depending on your condition.

  • Future appointments will be made at your convenience prior to leaving the center.


An initial assessment is performed which includes a complete history and physical, lab studies, Doppler studies, social history, nutritional history, and any necessary radiology studies. A treatment plan is then developed with the patient, family, and physician. Specific treatments include enzyme debridement, sharp debridement, compression dressings, Doppler studies, negative pressure therapy, wound irrigations, and patient education based upon the medical condition.


  • *Marjorie Fridkin, MD

  • Brenda Moreland, CRNP

  • Kristen Banko, RN

  • Lisa Roth, RN

  • Teresa Domenick, RN

  • Sharon Miller, RN

  • Stephanie Brenneman


* General Surgery patients can be seen Tuesdays at Garrett Surgical Group from 9AM- 12PM by calling 301-334-8282.



Following your plan of care will contribute to a faster healing time.

Appointments and Hours

  • Monday through Thursday 9AM until 4PM

  • Friday 9AM until 12PM.

  • For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 301-533-4270.

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